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1の段 10人のインディアン
2の段 森のくまさん
3の段 きらきら星
4の段 聖者の行進
5の段 ロンドン橋
6の段 Old MacDonald Has a Farm
7の段 リパブリック賛歌
8の段 Happy Birthday to You
9の段 歓喜の歌



・99xTimes, a multiplication table (Kuku) application, is supervised by the former abacus champion, Onodera 10th Dan.
・The application comes with sing-along Kuku songs performed by a professional singer, Ms. Yoshiko Saita (“Miss Kuku”), which enables young children to memorize Kuku very easily.
・According to Onodera 10th Dan, the creator of the Onodera Method, the Japanese people’s strength in calculation is due to memorizing Kuku, the multiplication table, when they are young.
・Onodera Method’s Kuku is innovative; you always memorize the number by two digits and memorize it digit by digit. For example, 2×7=14 is fourteen. If you break this down, it is four and ten (4+10). How you read the number contradicts with the number sequence of the digits. Also, fourteen is often confused with forty. With the Onodera Method, you are instructed to remember the number per digit, such as “one four.” By remembering the result this way, you can avoid mixing up the digits or making mistakes in multiplication.
・In Japan, a seven year old will start memorizing Kuku. As Kuku is repeated until children memorize it fully, they become bored hearing the same thing over and over again. Taking this into consideration, the Onodera Method uses a rhythmical sing-along method to remember Kuku. This application comes with nine different music/songs for each table, sung by Ms. Kuku.
・We have two training modes: first learn the overall music, and then finally memorize the entire Kuku by Karaoke version. Auto-reply functionality allows you to repeat the songs. Furthermore, each table has different music. With a workbook to check your ability, 99xTimes makes memorizing Kuku fun for children.

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